Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

Welcome to
Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

A Community Interest Company
Littlemore and Rose Hill, Oxford

Through the establishment of 90 allotments, Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC aims to provide the Littermore and Rose Hill communities of Oxford (OX4) with the opportunity to cultivate high-quality produce. This not only helps families reduce their weekly food expenses while improving quality of diet in the community by reducing ultra-processed food consumption and also plays a crucial role in lowering the carbon footprint associated with packaged and transported food

Our allotment thrives due to its vibrant, multicultural, and intergenerational community, encompassing both novice and experienced growers. Guided by our Field Secretary, we organize monthly work-social events at the allotments, fostering a platform for plot holders to come together and share diverse gardening techniques and insights. This collaborative environment enables individuals to learn from one another, irrespective of their gardening experience.

The individual allotments yield an abundance of fruits and vegetables, often surpassing the needs of individual families. We actively promote mindful planning of plantings and succession planting among plot holders to minimize food waste. By doing so, surplus produce can be put to valuable use through donations to local community food initiatives or sharing with nearby neighbors.

We encourage plot holders to employ effective long-term storage methods, including bottling (canning), freezing, and dehydration. These techniques help preserve the harvest, ensuring that the benefits of the allotments extend beyond the growing season and contribute to the sustainability of the community.

The objective of Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC is:

  • To serve as a community-based allotment provider focused on cultivating produce and flowers while facilitating various community activities. These activities aim to foster community cohesion, enhance mental well-being through physical exercise and social engagement, and deepen environmental awareness.
  • To maintain and improve the facilities and the condition of the site and to encourage and educate others to do the same and ensure that as many plots as possible are tended.
  • To manage the allotment site responsibly, respecting the environment and the terms of the Lease with Oxford City Council(OCC).
  • To work with Oxford City Council(OCC) and the Oxford & District Federation of Allotment Associations(ODFAA) and other organisations and individuals in furtherance of our objectives

News & Events

Shop Open every Saturday 10-Noon till November!

Seed Potatoes are Here! Feb 2024

Work Parties

Bank Holiday Work Party Saturday 4 May 2024, 10 AM to Noon

Work Party Saturday 6 April 2024, 10 AM to Noon

Upcoming Meetings

AGM Saturday, 14th October 2023, Noon near Shop

Committee Meeting, Saturday 23rd September 2023, 10:00 at Shop

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