Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

Site Safety and Security

  • Members giving up their membership are asked to notify the Secretary and to return all keys to the site to a Member of the Committee.
  • Members must not cause a nuisance to neighbors on or off the site and must treat others with the consideration and respect with which they would wish to be treated themselves.
  • We recommend all members keep a first aid kit with them or at the site at all times.
  • Members must not go on to other plots without permission. Taking crops, produce, implements, or other items from other plots is theft and will result in the immediate termination of the membership.
  • Members have a duty of care to everyone, including visitors and themselves.
  • Members should be aware that there are beekeepers and hives on the site. Speak to committee members on location if you or your visitors have allergies.
  • No unaccompanied visitors are permitted on the site.
  • The Association is not liable for loss by accident, fire, theft or damage to structures, tools, plants or contents on Members’ plots – or for injury to anyone. However, incidents of injury, theft and vandalism should be reported to the Committee and to the police when appropriate.
  • The entrance gates are always to be kept closed and locked after entering or leaving the site. This applies even if the gate is found to be already unlocked on arrival or departure. Repeat failure to lock the gate may lead to action by the Committee.
  • Only Members’ dogs are permitted on site.
  • Only Committee Members and those trained and authorized by the Committee may use the Association machinery. Any personal machinery used by Members must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and is at risk to the user.
  • To comply with the terms of our Public Liability Insurance, the Committee is obliged to conduct an annual health and safety inspection of the site. Any structure or other issue considered hazardous by the Committee must be dealt with, repaired or removed by the Plot Holder a reasonable designated time upon receipt of written notification by the Committee.

Healthy & Safety Risk Assessment

Please speak to our Field Secretary if you have concerns about H&S at our site. Report all injuries to our Field Secretary or Committee members. We keep a log in the shop.

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