Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

Gardening & Association Links

Associations & Landlord

  • Oxford District and Federation Allotment Associations O&DFAA promote, support and safeguard the welfare of the Allotment Associations in Oxford. Links to other Oxford allotment site
  • Oxford City Council OCC, our landlord. Many requirements and rules of TTACIC are part of the conditions of our lease. OCC manages 36 allotment sites across Oxford.

Local Gardening Centres

Purchasing Used Timber

Redbridge Household Waste Recycling Centre

  • If you have plot waste (such as plastic or metal) Redbridge is the nearest recycling centre. Generally, free but consult website.  Can get busy so best to go if when it first opens. Open 7 days a week. Only cars allowed on site (no walk-ins).
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