Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

Thomson Terrace Allotments CIC

2023-24 Subscription Fees

1st September - 31st August

Membership subscription in the Association is compulsory

Membership Subscriptions:

  • All new and renewal plot holders pay a £1 Member subscription.
  • Where a plot had two named plot holders, you share a single membership. One is a member, and one is an associate member.

Plot Subscription:

  • Plot Subscription covers your License to Occupy the plot from 1st September to 31st August.
  • For 2023-24, the annual plot subscription is
    • £4/per pole,
    • £20 for 5-pole plot and;
    • £40 for a 10-pole plot. 
  • For new plot holders, you pay a full year’s plot subscription thru to the 31st of August.
  • For new plot holders who begin their plot subscription in June, July or August, provided you have begun to cultivate the plot (see Section 5), you pay a full year’s subscription that covers you for 15 months.

Refundable plot condition/key deposit:

  • All new plot holders pay a refundable plot condition/key deposit, which will be returned when the plot is relinquished if the plot is left in good condition.

Non-refundable temporary structure fee

  • All new plot holders pay a one-off non-refundable temporary structure fee based on the number of existing sheds, polytunnels, greenhouses, and henhouses on your plot.

Membership and Plot Subscriptions are paid annually and are due by the 1st Sunday in September or soon after that, as announced by the Committee. 

For 2023-23, Rent Day is 3rd September 2023 from 8:00-Noon.

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